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Frequently Asked Questions


No later than September 15, this filled out form, your full page logo(if applicable), a full page hand drawn map, and numbered pictures should be given to or mailed to

TCTGA Headquarters

1306-A West Anderson

Austin, Texas 78757

email:  sreed@assnmgmt.com

Information to be provided by you and mailed to me-

1.  Farm Specifics

Name of Christmas Tree Farm___________________________

Street Address of Christmas Tree Farm____________________

City _________________________________________________

State ________________

Zip Code ____________

Farm Telephone number _________________________________

Farm Email ____________________________________________

Hours of Operation _______________________________________

Open Days (please circle)  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

First Day to open for selling (Keep in general like Saturday after Thanksgiving etc.)___________

Last Day to be open (Keep in general like Christmas Eve if at all possible.)_______________________

2.  Please circle appropriate colors for your web site.  This can be changed if you do not like your first choice.

Background color           White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Other ______

Word Color                     White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Other______

3.  Please circle the desired word darkness -  Plain, Bold

4.  Please circle the word style-Regular, Italics, Fixed Pitch

5.  Wording of your choice describing why someone should come to your farm.  Keep it short and concise




6.  Provide attention getting picture for your first page.  Please note on the back of the picture "First Page"  .(No pictures can be used from the internet, newspapers, magazines because of copywrite laws.)

7.  Hand draw a map to your farm using black ink on white paper.  Be sure to identify streets, highways and nearby towns and show location of your farm on the map.  Do not fold map.   

8.  Provide written directions to your farm from the nearest major city.  





(Continue on back of sheet if more room is needed.)

9.  You can have a picture page with up to 16 pictures.  A caption for each picture if desired should be included on the back of the picture.  The pictures will not be returned.   If you wish to divide the pictures into categories (i.e. Animals at the Farm, Family fun at the farm, etc.), put down the category on the back of each picture.  

10.  I will use what you give me, interpret what I think you are trying to do and put it on your web  site.  When done, this is the draft.  It is very easy to change everything at this point.  I will let you know the URL of your draft.  You can advise me by email any desired changes.

11.  Please list below up to 15 key words someone may use in searching the web for your Christmas tree farm (i.e. nearby towns, county, nearby lake, nearby river, previous name of farm , your last name etc.).  This will not be visible on your web site but will be in the HTML code for the search engines to find at record.

update 05/26/2017